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Quality Standard

JUPEM is committed to provide Cadastral Survey, Mapping services and dissemination of high quality geospatial information in accordance with established standards and also continuous improvement efforts to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Trustworthy and honest in the discharge of duties and responsibilities without abusing power and position.
  • Always patient, calm and steadfast in all situation.
  • Truthful, transparent and sincere in carrying out any duties.
  • Disciplined and with high integrity.
  • Confident, accurate, fair and consistent in decision-making.
  • Always practice the characteristics of creativity, innovativeness, motivation, competitiveness and accountability.
  • Foster a spirit of cooperation, goodwill, and affection at all levels.
  • Proud to be a denizen of JUPEM and always striving to promote the dignity and image of the department.
  • Provide efficient and quality services.
  • Strive to ensure that the department’s products are of quality and fulfils customer requirements.
  • Always maintain the highest level of integrity and transparency in all dealings.

Definition of Logo

In general, JUPEM’s logo displayed as more energetic, dynamic, progressive and able to compete universal challenges, especially in the provision of survey and mapping infrastructure to support the National Development Policy.

  • JUPEM’s logo design consists of three basic form of dots, circle and orbit line. These dots are separated by the orbit line that reflects JUPEM’s two main activities, which are the cadastral survey and mapping survey activities.
  • The orange colour signifies joy, glory and JUPEM’s sensitivity to customer’s need and acknowledges the existence and importance of JUPEM to the nation and community.
  • The green colour is the official colour of the department and has been chosen to reflect JUPEM is always caring and giving serious attention to the aspects of nature in the preservation of a healthy environment.
  • The dots appearance gives an indication that JUPEM is using electronic technology, networking system to enhance its survey, and mapping information.
  • The orbit line is emphasising the importance of communication, information dissemination and networking.

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